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9 Portfolio 9.2 Add New Portfolio

Add New Portfolio

For Add New Portfolio, please follow below given steps :

1. Click on add New Portfolio[1] option under Portfolio in admin panel, after click you will get a form for add new Portfolio.

2. In Open Form Please Enter Team title [2], Portfolio Description [4] , Featured Portfolio Project Link[5] Portfolio Category[7] ( For Filter Your portfolio(s) ), Featured Image[8] etc .

3. After set / Fill details please click on Publish [9] for get your portfolio live on your website.

**If you want to add and save only your Portfolio(s), not want to publish , then please use save option, don't use publish option.

** When you will enter title in add new Team the default link will be show under title, if you want to edit that you can click on edit button [3] and can enter your customized link.

** If you want to open team member profile on mouse click in new tab then you can enable option(s) open in new tab. [6]

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